November 18, 2019

Hi Everyone - as some of you may have already heard;

Lisa is taking a leave of absence from Algoma and going to work for the D6 USW in Sudbury. I would like to thank Lisa for her dedication to the Union and wish her well on her new adventure.

As per our by-laws " in the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President shall act as President for the unexpired term". So, I will be moving into the President's role as of today November 18th.

At the Membership Meeting, Vice President of USW Local 2724 presented retiree Murray McLean  a framed photo, in recognition of his more than 15 years of dedication to the Steelworkers Humanity Fund.


A cost of living allowance is paid on the basis of 1 (one) cent per hour for each .125 increase in the Consumer Price Index (1981 = 100).

The Consumer Price Index for April 2019 was 274.8. The Consumer Price Index for July 2019 was 276.8. Therefore, the Cost of Living Allowance generated would be an increase of 16 cents.

As a result, effective September 1, 2019 (paid October 1, 2019 for salaried), the total C.O.L.A. payable will be $.16 per hour.

Cody Alexander 2nd VP with Michele McCleave-Kennedy –President, presented Ian LeClair - USW 2724 Health & Safety Rep with Workers Health & Safety Centre - Health & Safety Activist Award

Please click on the link to view photos taken at the National Policy Conference in Vancouver, BC. where members of USW Local 2724 were in attendance.

Donation to Community Food Centre

National Policy Conference - Vancouver 2019