The office is still open for those of you who need assistance.

Please make an appointment with Donna before coming to the hall.

This way we can ensure that there will be someone available to help you, as we are currently very busy with meetings.

Call 705-254-2724 or by email [email protected]

As well, the 3 of us are available by phone.

President - Rebecca McCracken 705-541-8949

In light of the COVID-19 situation, please email applications to [email protected]

Note: The scholarship application states that an up-to-date transcript of marks is required . Since schools are now closed, applications without the transcript will be accepted.

In concern for our members’ health

in regards to the spreading of the COVID-19 virus,

the Membership meeting scheduled for March 25th is cancelled.


Conference will be held in Las Vegas, NevadaPDF iconinternational_convention_call_2020_signed.pdf August 3 - 7, 2020