Change of Executive Announcement

November 18, 2019

Hi Everyone - as some of you may have already heard;

Lisa is taking a leave of absence from Algoma and going to work for the D6 USW in Sudbury. I would like to thank Lisa for her dedication to the Union and wish her well on her new adventure.

As per our by-laws " in the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President shall act as President for the unexpired term". So, I will be moving into the President's role as of today November 18th.

There has been interest from the 2 people on the Executive to fill the vacancy of Vice President and Recording Secretary. This will be decided at the next Executive Meeting on November 26th.

I am excited to assume the duties as the President for the rest of the term, and begin a new journey with the Executive and the Membership.

In solidarity,

Rebecca McCracken